Spring Vehicle Service Checklist

Every year when winter comes to its merciful conclusion and the first warm days of spring permeate the air, drivers in and around Silver Spring, MD rejoice, taking their Nissan cars and SUVs out for the fresh air they deserve.

Before doing that, however, we recommend that Herb Gordon Nissan customers get a few service checks to make sure everything is still in safe working condition after the punishing winter weather.

Here are a few things we suggest doing once spring weather arrives:
  • Check your tire pressure and tire tread. Cold air sucks the life out of tires, so fill up as needed.
  • Check your windshield wipers (and replace them if they are damaged). Rubber cracks easily in the cold. Replace them as needed before the rainy season.
  • Get a car wash to remove any salt or grime, as well as to avoid paint or rust damage. Left alone, that gunk can cause problems.
  • Clean your floor mats, washing away dried snow and dirt stains.
  • Check your oil and top it off if you are running low.
  • Empty your trunk of your winter emergency kit. There is no reason to keep all that stuff in there since you will not likely need a snow shovel, extra blanket, and road salt through the warmer months of the year.
The service department at your Maryland Nissan dealer is happy to help you to take care any or all of these service issues as the weather heats up. It truly is as easy as giving us a call here at Herb Gordon Nissan and setting up an appointment with our skilled technicians. They will do whatever is necessary to get your Nissan car ready for spring. Trust us—your car will thank you for it!
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